Job Seeking & Resume Writing

By the end of this section, mentees will have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in job seeking, including interview preparation and resume building.


In this section, mentees will focus on honing their professional skills and presenting themselves effectively in the competitive aviation job market. Through a combination of mock interviews, resume critiques, and personalized guidance from mentors, mentees will develop the confidence and competence to navigate the job seeking process successfully.


  • Mentees will submit their updated resumes for review, incorporating feedback from mentors to improve clarity, professionalism, and relevance to aviation roles.
  • Mentees may participate in mock interviews, with mentors providing feedback on their performance, communication skills, and readiness for real-world interviews.
  • Mentees will reflect on their professional development journey and set goals for continued growth and improvement in collaboration with their mentors.


  1. Resume Writing:
    • Mentees will learn the principles of effective resume writing tailored to the aviation industry.
    • Mentors will provide guidance on formatting, content organization, and highlighting relevant skills and experiences.
    • Mentees will draft and refine their resumes, receiving feedback and suggestions from mentors to enhance their professional presentation.

  2. Interview Preparation:
    • Mentees will learn strategies for preparing for aviation job interviews, including research techniques, common interview questions, and interview etiquette.
    • Mentors may conduct mock interviews with mentees, providing constructive feedback on their performance and areas for improvement.
    • Mentees will practice articulating their skills, experiences, and career goals confidently and convincingly during mock interviews.

  3. Professional Branding:
    • Mentees will explore strategies for building a strong professional brand in the aviation industry, including online presence and networking.
    • Mentors will share insights on leveraging social media platforms, professional networking events, and industry associations to enhance their visibility and credibility.

  4. Personalized Career Guidance:
    • Mentees will receive personalized career guidance from mentors, tailored to their individual career goals and aspirations.
    • Mentors will provide one-on-one support and advice on navigating specific challenges or opportunities in the aviation job market.
    • Mentees will develop actionable strategies for advancing their careers, with ongoing support and accountability from mentors.