49° Aviation

Your Flight Path from Novice to Pro

Mentorship Matches: 10!

We are proud to have made 10 mentorship matches, connecting aspiring aviation professionals with experienced mentors. Thank you to all who have participated!

What's the Deal with 49th Degree Aviation?

In short, 49th Degree Aviation wants to make the journey into aviation a lot less daunting. Think of it as a buddy system where aviation students and newbies get to team up with experienced pros for guidance, goal-setting, and gaining confidence. We’re imagining a friendly, supportive space that helps bridge the gap from school to career.

Why Mentorship Rocks!

We’re pretty passionate about making sure no one feels lost at sea when they’re starting out. Mentorship can light the way, reducing the freak-outs and helping everyone feel a bit more connected.

It’s all about giving that helping hand so the leap into the industry feels more like a step.